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Community Partnerships

-- participating with multiple sectors of the community to build linkages and collaborations offering youth development services, opportunities, and supports.

Meaningful community involvement, linkages, and collaborations are key to providing a comprehensive system of learning supports and will result in better outcomes for children and youth. School/Community partnerships must have broad representation including state and local government, business and industry, systems of positive youth development (e.g. parks and recreation, YMCA/YWCA, scouting, and 4-H.), and both public and private systems of service delivery (e.g. alcohol and other drug abuse prevention and treatment, counseling, job programs, and apprenticeships). Schools must also be active members of existing community groups that work to improve results for children and families. Ideally, such partnerships focus on common measurable results and share information on needs assessment, planning, and evaluation to ensure effective and efficient operation across systems.