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Safe, Healthy, and Caring Environmemts

-- providing environments school-wide that ensure the physical and psychological well-being and safety of all children and youth through positive youth development efforts and proactive planning for management of emergencies, crises, and follow-up.

Safe, healthful, and caring environments create the psychological and physical settings needed for teachers to provide quality instruction and for students to take full advantage of that instruction.

Physical environments (classroom, school building, grounds, and surrounding neighborhoods) include safety conditions, temperature, noise and lighting, furnishings, and accessibility.

Psychological environments affect the ability of students and staff to function effectively at school. Such environments attend to emotional well-being (nurturing learning environment) and the social conditions (caring community) of the school. School-wide efforts in this area typically address the culture and climate of the school and may include school-wide proactive discipline and character development programs.

Safe environments include the need for well-coordinated crisis prevention, preparedness, response, and follow-up is continuous so that students can effectively handle unexpected disruptions, perceive their environment as safe, and be psychologically free to re-engage in learning without undue concerns and delays.

Healthful environments require attention to nutrition, wellness, and physical fitness.