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Background & Purpose

The Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development Council (ICYD) and the State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council (SIYAC) were established in the Iowa Code, section 216A.140 in 2009. Prior to this legislative action both ICYD and SIYAC operated as non-statutory networks.

The ICYD is comprised of agencies within ten state departments that represent the major public systems that address the needs of Iowa’s youth (ages 6 to 21).  The ICYD is committed to improving results among Iowa's youth through the adoption and application of positive youth development principles and practices at the state and local levels. A policy-level Steering Committee of agency administrators and a work group of state program managers comprise the core collaborative team. 

The purpose of the ICYD is to improve the lives and futures of Iowa's youth by:

Currently, the ICYD is focusing on three cross-agency issues: Transitioning youth, disproportionality, and quality youth programs / youth engagement.

Since its formation in 1999, ICYD has participated in a variety of state and national youth initiatives and has been recognized nationally for its work in coordinating youth development efforts at the state level. In partnership with the Forum for Youth Investment, ICYD has adopted several key principles of the Ready by 21™ Challenge. ICYD has leveraged more than $5 million in new federal and private funding to support youth development in Iowa. It continues to serve as a multi-system forum for the improvement and coordination of state youth policy and programs. You can learn more by checking out the 2007-2010 Strategic Plan.